Cases which will be handled


Customers who choose to submit their cases for handling under the CCSS should first contact the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA), which will assess the cases for acceptance under the CCSS.  The acceptance criteria are listed below.  OFCA will refer accepted cases to the CCSS Centre for handling under the CCSS.


Billing dispute meeting all of the following conditions is accepted for mediation under the CCSS:


  • you are using a telecommunications service from a participating service provider (CCSS Member) for personal and/or residential use;

  • the amount in dispute is not less than HK$300

  • you have lodged the complaint within 1 year from occurrence of the dispute with the CCSS Member via the designated channel(s) and a deadlock is reached. A deadlock means a situation either:

      (a) where the CCSS Member has notified you that it could not settle the billing dispute with

            you, or

      (b) where more than 6 weeks have passed since you have first complained to the CCSS

           Member and you consider that it is not possible to settle the dispute with the CCSS


  • For deadlock referred to in (a) above, you should apply to the CCSS for mediation service within 4 weeks from notification by the CCSS Member to you in respect of the deadlock

  • For deadlock referred to in (b) above, you should apply to the CCSS within 3 months from your first lodging of the billing dispute with the CCSS Member through the designated channel(s)





For accepted case, applicant is required to pay HK$100 as the service fee for using the mediation service under the CCSS.



Application Procedure


Step 1: Before making an application to the CCSS

A customer must first lodge the complaint on billing dispute with the relevant telecommunications service provider, which has participated in the CCSS as CCSS Member, via the designated channel(s). If the dispute is not resolved within 6 weeks from the date the complaint has first been lodged with the CCSS Member, or a deadlock is declared by the CCSS Member that the dispute could not be settled, the customer may contact the CCSS. The CCSS Member is required to advise the customer to consider filing the dispute to CCSS for mediation and to provide the customer with a “Referral Number” for dispute identification purpose under the CCSS.

Step 2: Submitting information

You can call OFCA at 21809521 (at office hour: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 12:30pm; 1:30pm – 5:00pm) or download and complete the Customer Information Form here for submission through fax at 21809520 or email to  If the billing dispute meets the acceptance criteria for admission under the CCSS, the customer will be advised to proceed with the application.


Step 3: Making an application

The customer is required to complete and return the “CUSTOMER APPLICATION FORM” and “CUSTOMER CONSENT FORM” to the CCSS Centre and pay a non-refundable service fee of HK$100.

You may also refer to the Guide for Application to the CCSS for the detailed application procedure.